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About KenKen

What is KenKen?

KenKen® is a grid-based arithmetic logic puzzle that employs sophisticated puzzle technology and basic math operations to provide an exciting, unparalleled experience for puzzlers of all ages, while also developing logic, critical thinking and problem solving skills in students. Click HERE to learn more about KenKen.

What does the word KenKen mean?

“Ken” means “Wisdom” or "Cleverness" in Japanese, so KenKen is “Wisdom Squared” or "Cleverness Squared".


What are the benefits of KenKen?

  • KenKen is a brain stimulating exercise which improves cognitive abilities

  • It helps develop logical thinking and problem solving skills

  • It helps develop concentration and perseverance

  • It improves mathematical skills

  • It encourages independent thinking


Is KenKen approved by any recognized authority?

KenKen is recognized by NCTM (The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), the world’s largest educational mathematics organization. NCTM recognizes KenKen as a powerful tool to build reasoning skills, problem solving aptitude, perseverance and stamina.


Is KenKen educational?

Absolutely!  But KenKen is not just about math.  It is about the overall development because it imparts skills that your child can utilize not just in everyday life, but beyond the classroom as well. Benefits of KenKen include, but are not limited to, improved critical thinking skills, better problem solving abilities, enhanced cognitive abilities, increased stamina, higher self-confidence and perseverance. It also helps adults and seniors keep their brains sharp and alert. It is a puzzle everyone can enjoy at any time. KenKen puzzles can be accessed for free online via or via its extremely popular iOS and Android mobile apps. You can also find KenKen puzzles in books, magazines and newspapers like the New York Times.

Who invented the KenKen puzzle?

KenKen was developed in 2004 by acclaimed Japanese mathematics instructor Tetsuya Miyamoto. (No, it wasn't developed by two guys named Ken.) His goal was to improve his students’ math and logic skills, and what better tool to use than a puzzle? He designed KenKen to be understandable, fun, and challenging for students of all abilities. Most importantly, he wanted the puzzle to encourage independent thinking, emphasize logic and reasoning, concentration, and perseverance. Ultimately, Mr. Miyamoto’s educational tool became a worldwide sensation for both kids AND adults.  KenKen is now offered as a daily feature in over 150 newspapers worldwide (including the New York Times) and is used in the classroom by over 30,000 teachers.

About the Championship

What is the KenKen International Championship?

KenKen is the world's fastest growing, most played, and most addictive math and logic puzzle in the world. Syndicated in over 150 newspapers worldwide, with over 2 million puzzle books sold, and used as a teaching tool by over 30,000 teachers, KenKen is truly a worldwide phenomenon.  Each year, KenKen Puzzle Company sponsors a tournament that brings together some of the best KenKen players from throughout the United States and from around the globe to compete for three separate student championship titles as well as the title of overall International KenKen Champion.


Why should my child participate in this championship?

The many essential skills acquired through learning and practicing KenKen plus the unique exposure and interaction with other participants from around the globe will encourage students learn, grow and "go an extra mile" in their academic journey as well as their personal development.  Plus, it's really, really fun!


Who can participate in this championship?

This year, we will be sponsoring both a Student and Adult championship. Student contestants will compete in three separate divisions - Delta, Kappa, and Sigma - each dedicated to students based on their age. In the OPEN Category, participants from ALL AGE groups will be able to participate.

Talented KenKen'ers in both categories from around the world will compete against each other -- using our all-new, online system -- for the title of International KenKen Champion of Champions!


How should I prepare for participating in Student Division of the Championship?

  • If you are located in UAE, Egypt or India, please contact the KenKen organization in your country.

  • If you are located in the United States, please test yourself to see if you can solve samples puzzles. If you can solve these samples puzzles comfortably, you are ready to compete against international top student players!

My child is already great at math. Why should he join this championship?

KenKen is a brain stimulating puzzle. It will help your child to critically analyze and strategize each move while enhancing your child’s logical thinking and problem solving skills. Competing in this championship is a fun way to test your child's skills against other children of similar ability. Plus, your child will have the unique opportunity to meet other students from across the country and around the world with similar interests and make some new friends.  We also have great prizes for the winners! 


How long with the tournament take?

The first round will be 18 minutes, the second will be 22 minutes, and the third round will be 25 minutes.  But remember to stay around for the Championship Round (even if you don't qualify)...that will take 20 minutes and will result in the crowning of the Champion of Champions!


Do you provide sample puzzles?

You can try puzzles of all sizes and difficulty levels at for FREE, all day, every day.


Is there any online support available to help my child prepare for the championship?

You can reach us at  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We're always happy to help. To practice, you can play unlimited puzzles for free at


Where will the International Championship take place?

This year's championship will be held online exciting new way to compete!



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