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The Championship

The KenKen International Championship (KKIC) will be 3 rounds, each with three puzzles per round. Each round gets progressively harder.

There will be three Student divisions this year, separated by age. All will have awards and prizes for the top 3 finishers in each division.

Each Student Division (Delta, Kappa and Sigma) will have its own unique puzzle sets.


The winners of each Student Division will compete with each other to solve an 8x8 puzzle.  The winner will be named the KenKen International Student Champion. There will be great prizes...and of course bragging rights for the new International Student Champions!


See the lists lower on this page for a breakdown on what puzzle types each division should be prepared to solve during the competition.

General Rules

No solving aids such as calculators are permitted.


All answers must be clear and legible. For example, be careful that notes aren't confused with the actual answer in any box! The judges decisions are final.


Scoring is based on a combination of accuracy and speed. The scores will be calculated as follows:

1000 points will be awarded for each successfully completed puzzle.

“Time bonus” points for speed will be calculated as follows:

Total possible “time bonus” points per round is equal to the time limit in minutes for the round multiplied by 30. For example, Round 1 is for 18 minutes, so the total possible “time bonus” points are 540.  5 “time bonus” points are deducted for every 10 seconds of solving time as the clock counts down to 00:00. 


Round 1 will allow contestants 18 minutes to complete 3 puzzles

Round 2 will allow contestants 22 minutes to complete 3 puzzles

Round 3 will allow contestants 25 minutes to complete 3 puzzles

Champion of Champions Round: The 3 group champions will be given 20 minutes to complete one 8x8 puzzle. The first to complete the puzzle accurately will be crowned the KenKen Champion of Champions!

Remember:  Puzzles will get progressively larger and more difficult in each round


Get prepared

If you are planning to compete in the Student Championship, you may want to practice for the appropriate puzzles in your division.

Delta Division (Birth date AFTER 1/September /2011


4x4 and 5x5 puzzles (Addition and Subtraction Only)

Kappa Division (Birth date BETWEEN 1/September/2009 and 31/August/2011)


4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 puzzles

Sigma Division (Birth date BEFORE 31/August/2009


5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 puzzles

*First place winners of each student division will have the opportunity to compete in the Championship round to become the KenKen Champion of Champions! The Championship Round will consist of a single 8x8 puzzle, and will last for 20 minutes. The first student to complete the puzzle accurately WINS!


Previous Adult Championship Puzzles

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Location of KenKen International Championship

Due to COVID restrictions, this year's tournament will be held completely ONLINE!

Location of KenKen International Championship

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