The in person KKIC for 2020 has been postponed.

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Have you been to a KenKen Championship? Check out this video to get a feel of what goes on at the KKIC!


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KenKen makes math fun and engaging for all ages

What is the KenKen International Championship?

Each year, the KenKen® Puzzle Company sponsors a tournament that brings together the best KenKen players from around the globe to compete for the title of International KenKen Champion!


Contestants will compete in three divisions - Adult, Senior, and Student (grades 3 - 12). Those competing in the Adult category can be of any age 18 and up. Students compete in three separate age/grade categories, with an international champion crowned in each group.

International Partners


United Arab Emirates:  Rootstalk Academy


Rootstalk Academy is one of the leading education companies in Dubai. Its goal is to provide a high-quality education for its students and make learning a passion, not just a neccessity. Rootstalk has facilitated a nationwide KenKen tournament in the UAE and will be bringing its winners here to compete

Egypt: UCMAS Egypt

UCMAS Mental Math Program is a unique childhood educational program designed to develop cognitive acuity and memory skills during students's formative years. Founded in 1993, UCMAS promotes a variety of learning abilities through the instruction of outstanding feats of mental calculation.

India: Omnisoft Technologies PVT.LTD


Omnisoft Technologies PVT.LTD is the exclusive and official partner for KenKen International Championship in India. With their head office in Vadodara Gujarat, they have branched out in all 15 states to conduct KenKen school level exams

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KenKen Australia


KenKen China

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